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caregiver assisting old man and womanThe goal of physical therapy is to help restore normal function after injury or surgery and to provide strategies for injury prevention. Clients will work one-on-one with a therapist who will conduct a thorough examination and develop a plan specific to the needs of the client, that may include manual therapy or movement-based techniques.

Physical therapists are experts in movement, qualified to examine patients and develop treatment plans to improve mobility, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent future injuries. Treatment may include manual therapy techniques, various exercise strategies, and patient education.

After a rigorous two to three-year graduate program with a curriculum heavily focused on the sciences, therapists must pass the state board licensing exam for their state of practice. Some therapists continue in residency and fellowship programs or become board-certified in a specialty such as Orthopedics, Neurology, or Pediatrics. Physical therapists are the healthcare practitioners with the most specialized education to help people improve motion and restore function.

Physical therapists are lifelong learners. As part of requirements for licensure, they must earn continuing education credits by taking additional physical therapy coursework annually, throughout their career.

While many physical therapists are clinicians in hospital-based facilities or outpatient clinics, others focus on performing research to support physical therapy evaluation and treatment techniques. The field of research in physical therapy continues to grow, providing healthcare practitioners a better understanding of the value of physical therapy.

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Randy Villard PT
Director of Physical Therapy

Randy is a graduate of Texas A&M University where he received his degree in Electrical Engineering. He received his Masters of Physical Therapy from UT Southwestern School of Allied Health in Dallas, TX. Randy holds certifications in hand therapy, orthopedics, sports medicine and manual therapy. He has a strong understanding and knowledge of the neuromuscular skeletal system. He EXCELS in treating chronic pain of the back and neck, sports injuries, orthopedic, and post-operative just to name a few of the areas. Randy has worked with professional athletes from various sports and enjoys working currently with high school and college athletes, along with club volleyball players and marathoners. Randy’s philosophy is to listen closely to the patient, and think outside the box when evaluating and treating patients to ensure the correct approach is used during physical therapy. He believes in using manual therapy skills and the appropriate therapeutic exercises as the key components of the rehab to achieve the outcome the patient desires.