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About Us

caregiver assisting old manExcel Spine and Sports Rehab PC is a facility that is focused on providing rehabilitative therapy, physical therapy, and recovery support. Initially, we will conduct an evaluation with you in order to talk about your goals and needs. Our physical therapists will then make a comprehensive functional assessment from collected data about the injured area such as strength, range of motion, joint mobility, and muscle tone and contractibility. Those data provide us with information to evaluate your area of pain, as well as how the surrounding area contributes to your condition.

We will educate you about your injury and provide you with a better understanding of your condition, allowing us to create a custom treatment plan that will help you meet your needs and goals. After the initial evaluation, you and your physical therapists will have a deeper understanding of the root cause of your condition.

Throughout your entire treatment, we will ensure that you are educated about your condition and at-home exercises. To schedule your initial evaluation, you may call us at 469-443-0458 or send us a message here.