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Chronic Pain

caregiver assisting her patientChronic pain is the most common reason people seek advice from their physician and one in five adults suffer from chronic or persistent pain. Despite these numbers, the healthcare community has struggled to provide effective treatments to address the chronic pain from which millions of people suffer. These individuals often find themselves seeking treatment from various healthcare providers only to find that there is no easy answer. Many treatments provide temporary relief but fail to address the underlying cause of the persistent pain.

As it turns out, chronic pain is much different than that of acute pain. Acute pain typically resolves while an injury heals (2-6 months) as the nervous system stops sending danger messages to the brain. Chronic pain, on the other hand, is caused by a dysfunction of the nervous system when the nerves continue to send danger messages and the brain loses the ability to appropriately filter and interpret these messages. In fact, chronic pain can persist long after an injury has healed and even in the absence of an injury in the first place.

At Excel Spine and Sports Rehab PC, we can provide an effective way to manage and treat chronic pain. Through a collaborative effort, we work to empower our clients to overcome their disability and achieve their individual goals.

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